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Winners Circle - Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Program

The Direct Support Professionals Recognition Program is a collaborative effort of the Direct Support Professionals Association of Tennessee (DSPAT) and The Arc Tennessee. It is funded by DSPAT membership dollars. Additional membership dollars go back into this fund for continuation of the program.

Do you know someone who provides direct support to people with disabilities who demonstrates the values of the DSP Code of Ethics? Then nominate him or her to win $500!


Criteria for DSPAT ABOVE AND BEYOND Award Nominations

The purpose of the Recognition Program is to recognize Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who “go the extra mile” in supporting people with disabilities in their community, with special emphasis on the values in the Code of Ethics for Direct Support Professionals.  Nominations for the Above and Beyond Award are accepted from January 1 through April 3 each year.   The winner will be notified by May 1.

Consideration given to DSP Code of Ethics

PERSON-CENTERED SUPPORTS: As a DSP, my first allegiance is to the person I support; all other activities and functions I perform flow from this allegiance.

PROMOTING PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL WELL BEING: As a DSP, I am responsible for supporting the emotional, physical and personal well-being of the individuals receiving support while being attentive and energetic in reducing their risk of harm.

INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY: As a DSP, I will support the mission and vitality of my profession to assist people in leading self-directed lives and to foster a spirit of partnership with the people I support, other professionals and the community.

CONFIDENTIALITY: As a DSP, I will safeguard and respect the confidentiality and privacy of the people I support.

JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, and EQUITY: AS a DSP, I will promote and practice justice, fairness, and equity for the people I support and the community as a whole. I will affirm the human and civil rights and responsibilities of the people supported

RESPECT: As a DSP, I will respect the human dignity and uniqueness of the people I support. I will recognize each person I support as valuable and help others understand their value.

RELATIONSHIPS: As a DSP, I will assist the people I support to develop and maintain relationships.

SELF-DETERMINATION: As a DSP, I will assist the people I support to direct the course of their own lives.

ADVOCACY: As a DSP, I will advocate with the people I support for justice, inclusion, and full community   participation; AND

  • Take extra training to improve skills
  • Have exceptional relationship(s) with person(s) supported
  • Support the person(s) in special activities
  • Have a good relationship with co-workers
  • Have a genuine commitment to people with disabilities

If you need help completing the form, call 1-800-835-7077 and ask for DSPAT.

Nomination Form for Above and Beyond Annual Awards (Doc)

You can submit your nominations one of three ways:
1.Mail The Arc TN, 545 Mainstream Drive, Suite 100 Nashville, TN 37228
2.Fax 615-248-5879

If you have any questions please call Carrie Hobbs Guiden or Peggy Cooper at 615-248-5878.